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Social commitment

The Social Commitment of García Carrión family is carried out through the Foundation García Carrión.

Always, José García Carrión and Fala Corujo have been an example of Social commitment. This has been expressing in a way that in this times that we live in is more necessary than ever: the creation of jobs. From a small company of 15 people, when the great grandchild of the founder arrived in the company, the job of García Carrión has been increases in more than 1000 people currently. But this commitment has spread in recent years through social action, a way of returning to society a portion of the profits in the family business.

The foundation García Carrión was constitutes in 1997as nonprofit associate and its social object has, between others, the following objectives:

To promote stable employment for people with disability, handicaps and deficiency.
• Provide to these people an enabling comprehensive care, through job training programs and social and personal development in order to achieve a higher level of integration.
• The guardianship and the receiving of these people.
• The research studies related to the issues that affecting to people with deficiencies, disabilities and handicaps.

Foundation Activities
The main activity of the foundation J. García Carrión is the non formal education with formation and professional development to disability people.

This is developing by García Carrion that promotes and maintains jobs for people with disabilities and deficiency. Specifically, and in the 2009 exercise, it has been created 27 jobs to physically and mentally handicapped personal.

Specially, these workers perform in special areas built for them, attached to the plant and wineries, manual activities that consist on the manipulation of the brick and bottles, on which modifications are made (the kind of box, labeled changed, export taxes stickers, etc…)

• Making tax stickers on bottles for exportation.
• The setting up of the bottles kits.
• Imposition of decorative mesh in the bottles.
• Special labeling.
• Glass, carton, paper recycle.
• Changing the Finished Product Packaging for having suffered damage. When they break, wet, etc. some cardboard boxes domestic product is recovered and placed in new boxes.
• The setting of the final product that is less than a pallet. When a client ask for less than a pallet of a product that is forming, it is necessary to dismount the pallet, or when we have more than one reference we need to set up a pallet with the different product demanded…
• Any other activity that it cannot realize in the production line and must be manually.