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Don Simón Funciona Max Caribe

Mixed fruit juice and milk soft drink

(Brik de 1 L, 330 ml y 200 ml)

Don Simón Funciona Max gives you more energy, more strength, more life Don Simón works more because is done with milk and with the best Don Simón juice. It is available in four varieties: Tropical, Caribbean, Mediterranean, multifruit. It is a soft drink of high nutritional value because it gathers the energy of the fruit and the milk proteins. For this reason it increased more your every day energy.


Fruit juice 15 % (orange, apple, pineapple and lemon), skimmed milk (10%) water, sugar, citric acid, C Vitamin and aroma.

Consumption and conservation tips

Store it in a cool place. Protect it from the direct sun light. Shake it before use it, to distribute the contents homogeneously. Once the pack is opened, conserve it in the fridge.

Where is it sold?

Find Don Simon Funciona Max Caribe on the room temperature product shelves in your shop of everyday shopping.
Enjoy it now! It is the best of the milk with the best combination of fruits for you and your family.

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