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Juice and health

Zumo de naranja

Juice consumption habits in the Spanish household

Author: Redacción JGC sobre Estudio MARM

One in two Spanish household drinks juice everyday Read more

Zumos de frutas

Nutritional properties of fruit juices

Author: Redacción JGC

Fruit juices have several nutritional varieties Read more

Orange juice Don Simon

Juices, the natural choice.

Author: Redacción JGC

"One apple a day keeps the doctor away" is an old saying that many people are familiar with. Today we know that it is needed more than one apple to be healthy. Read more

The Pantry of nature

The Pantry of nature - cells guardian

Author: JGC Editor

More and more people are convinced that the food they eat affect their health. The result is a positive impact on the juices, nectars and still drinks market. Read more

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1 of every 2 people taking juice in Spain choose Don Simon?