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Juice Market

The big Gamble of García Carrión in the juice world

Author: Redacción JGC

García Carrión is currently the leader in the Spanish juice market and the second in Europe´s market. Read more

Naranjas para zumos y néctares

The juice sector and nectars invoiced in Spain around 650 millions of Euros.

Author: Redacción JGC

It is commercialized 1,100 millions of liters. Read more

Beverages for modern consumers

Perfect beberages for modern consumers

Author: JGC Editor

The growing awareness of health benefits both nectar and fruit drinks, which continue to attract consumers of carbonated drinks, but also segments of the tea and coffee. Read more

Fickle consumers with emotions, attitudes and power

Fickle consumers with emotions, attitudes and power

Author: JGC Editor

Several obvious and quite contradictory phenomena affect attitudes and emotions, and theese affect our choices of food and beverages. Read more

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