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What is fresh squeezed juice?

Author: JGC Editor

Shortly after they are picked from the trees, the oranges are subjected to exhaustive quality control processes. Washed and selected under the strictest sanitary conditions, they are juiced one by one. That is how 100-percent fresh-squeezed juice is obtained: without adding or removing anything. Don Simón fresh-squeezed juice: Like having an orange tree at home.

What is juice made from concentrate?

Author: JGC Editor

Orange juice concentrate is produced by using heat to evaporate up to 85 percent of the water in the juice. This way it can be more easily transported from other countries. Water is added to it when it is packaged, as well as the rest of the qualities lost during the concentration process. That is how juice is made from concentrate.

 What is fruit nectar?

Author: JGC Editor

Fruit nectar contains 50 percent juice and 50 percent water, to which 50 grams of sugar are added.

What are fruit drinks?

Author: JGC Editor

Fruit drinks contain 10 percent juice and 90 percent water, to which 100 grams of sugar are added.

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