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Terms and conditions

Legal advice of the page
1. General conditions of the use of
2. General conditions of the hiring in the online shop of
3. Privacy policy personal data
4. Intellectual and industrial property. Prohibition of hyperlinks
5. García Carrión responsibility
6. Users obligation
7. Communications

1. General conditions of the use of

1.1 Web site ownership
J García Carrión, S.A. (from now on García Carrión), located in Carretera de Murcia s/n 30520 Jumilla (Murcia) with tax id A08267403 is the owner of the web site , (from now on the web site) makes this site available to all internet users (the user or users as appropriate), with the purpose of providing information about the company, their plants and wineries, their products and promotions linked to them, as well a services through the web site ( users registation, newsletter reception and online shopping in their online shop- from now on the shop, between others).

1.2 General Use Conditions of f the Website, along with the General Hiring Conditions governing the services provision, and/or the particular conditions that could be established, are aim to regulate both the provision of information and trade relations arising between García Carrión and the users of the Website.
To the navigation in the Website and/or the use of the services included in it (Register, Newsletter or the Shop), you acquire the condition of User. The navigation and the use and /or the use of whatever services of the Website, means the acceptation as a User, without reservations of any kind of each and every one of these General Conditions of Use, of the General Conditions of Hiring that it governs the prevision of the services offered in the Website, as in this case, to the Particular Conditions that, if any may exists in connection with the provision of services.

1.3 García Carrión could in whatever moment and without notice anything, to modify the actual general terms, such as the General Conditions of Hiring exposed in the following (number 2), and/or the Particular conditions that, in this case, is included, with the publication of those modifications in the Website with the purpose of being known by the User, always before going in the Website or whatever acquisition of any goods offered on the Website.

2. General conditions of the hiring in the online shop of

2.1. - General Conditions of Hiring
2.1.1 The General Conditions of Hiring, together with the particular conditions that can be set, will regulate expressly the relations emerged between García Carrión and the “Users”, that uses the shop, so as the third parties who offered the products through the Web.
2.1.2. – The General conditions of the hiring,
• Law 7/1998 of the General Conditions of Recruitment,
• Royal decree 1906/1999 regulating the telephone and electronic contracting with the General Conditions in development with the article 5.3 of the Law 7/1998.
• Law 7/1996 of the Retail trade,
• Royal decree-Law 14/1999 regulating the Electronic signature,
• Royal Decree 1 / 2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws

2.2.- Offered products. Shopping system
2.2.1.-The products offered at the store, along with their features and prices on the screen.
Also on the screen to the shipping address of the user of the products, which will vary depending on location (inside or outside Spain) and the number of boxes shipped. Be billed for shipping full boxes in multiples of six bottles per box of 0.75 cl bottles, rounding out the costs to the next higher multiple of the number of bottles required by the user when this is not a multiple of six (6) bottles.

The products will be available for sale until stocks last. Prices shown on the screen are in euros and include VAT and any other tax which may be applicable and are in force, except typing error.

The offers will be properly displayed on the screen. García Carrión reserves the right to decide in each moment, the products contain and offered to users through the Shop. Thus, García Carrión may at any time to add new products included in the Store, provided, unless otherwise provided, that such new products shall be governed by the provisions of the General Conditions in force at that time.

Likewise, García Carrión reserves the right to cease providing access at any time and without notice, any of the products offered at the store.
2.2.2.-For the acquisition of the products offered in the store, García Carrión asked to proceed to registered users, for which those users, who must be over eighteen (18) years, shall complete the instructions on screen and require to perform the following steps:

Full-Completion electronic form at all times be displayed in the Portal following the instructions therein.

"Pressing the OK button.

-Reception in the email account User's "User Name" and "Password."

The username and password are personal and not transferable. García Carrión may pay with proper notice, changes the user name and / or password, in which case the key will lose their validity.
2.2.3. Once you register the user, and to proceed with the purchase of products, you must add the product you want in the shopping cart, according to the indications listed on the screen, filling in for this purpose provided the order form and sending it Garcia Carrión, which involves reading and acceptance of all the General Conditions of Contract, and if the particular conditions.

The purchase shall be understood as the home of Garcia Carrión, located in Carretera de Murcia s / n, 30520 Jumilla (Murcia).

2.2.4.-Once the purchase in the shortest time possible, always later than thirty (30) days from the execution of the purchase, the Department of Customer User García Carrión sent to buyer, has so requested, to the address indicated on the form or e-mail to the e-mail account that the user has indicated in its registration, the corresponding invoice. The order confirmation sent by García Carrión is void as a bill, just as proof of purchase.

2.3.-Payment, delivery and desist orders

2.3.1.-The payment of the price of goods purchased and the shipping costs associated with them, which appear on the screen can be made by credit card, transfer, PayPal or cash.

To proceed to payment by credit card, the user must follow the instructions on the screen, providing the following information:

-Card number.

"Expiration Date.

CVV2 or CVC2-code card

As electronic payment system, García Carrión is attached to the payment gateway electronic commerce BBVA. All data provided for this purpose are encrypted under the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to ensure maximum safety for them.
García Carrión reserves the right to apply to any user of the shop which has made a purchase, to justify paying the same and / or identified through the provision of telematic (fax, e-mail or similar) from a document that identifies you as a buyer and can include the delivery address (ID, passport, residence permit, registration certificate, etc.)..

2.3.2.-García Carrión is issued to deliver goods purchased by the user, the home buyer stipulated, in the order form (no product will be delivered to PO Boxes, or booths), as soon as possible and in any case, always within two (2) business days (Monday to Friday) from the date of preparation of the order (excluding holidays and weekends). Shipping of the items purchased will be paid by Buyer.

User-2.3.3.-The Buyer shall have a period of seven (7) working days, according to the official calendar of their place of residence to settle the purchase without incurring any penalty or charge, including costs incurred in returning the property.

The seven-day period prescribed in the preceding paragraph shall be computed after the receiption by the buyer of the goods purchased. However, if the buyer were aware of the right of withdrawal after the date of receipt of goods purchased within seven days shall commence from the date it was aware of their right to return, in charge, the goods purchased. In any case, it is understood that the buyer has recognized the right of withdrawal from entering the store, which requires reading and acceptance of these General Conditions and in any case since the time of placing the order.

Returns of orders should be sent to:

J García Carrión, SA
Carretera de Murcia s / n
30520 Jumilla (Murcia).

Exercised by the buyer the right to cancel and found the perfect state and unaltered merchandise in the store after Garcia Carrión, it shall repay the amounts received by subscription, without any withholding tax, immediately and never in a period exceeding thirty days.

Not withstanding the foregoing, excluded the right of withdrawal (withdrawal) in cases where the nature of the content of the services is impossible to carry out, without prejudice to the claim for damages or if the goods returned to the storage or packaging not complete me in perfect condition.


In accordance with the legislation on Personal Data Protection, J. García Carrión, located at Carretera de Murcia s/n 30520 Jumilla (Murcia) , Spain, informs you that any personal data you may provide for the company in filling in the forms contained in this website will be added to automated files, which have been registered with the Personal Data Protection Agency in the name of García Carrión. Replying to questions on Personal Data marked with an asterisk (*) is compulsory, and failing to reply to them will result in it being impossible to continue and to access the service offered. The purpose of this Personal Data gathering and automatic processing is to facilitate the rendering of certain services by García Carrión., to arrange appropriate maintenance for relations established (management, administration, improvement and adaptation to the preferences and tastes of the User), to improve the website, and to send out, by traditional and/or electronic means, commercial and advertising information on the group’s products and services, provided that you give your authorisation for this to the company. The individuals to whom the data correspond shall be entitled at all times to exercise their right to access, correct, cancel or oppose the data in the terms set down in the Data Protection legislation, for which purpose individuals concerned are to send a written signed request by letter to

J. García Carrión S.A.,
Dpto. Atención al Cliente
Carretera de Murcia s/n
30520 Jumilla (Murcia)

o sending an e-mail to the address

including their first name(s), surname(s), a photocopy of their Identity Card, the action they are requesting and their address, so that García Carrión can send them confirmation of having acted in accordance with their requests.
Users giving their data expressly consent to the data included in the aforementioned file being granted to or passed on to the other companies in this Group of Companies, in the food, furniture and insurance sectors, solely for the purposes explained above. Users’ acceptance as regards having their data processed or passed on in the form set down in this paragraph is always revocable, in accordance with the relevant legislation on personal data protection.
At all events, García Carrión guarantees that the confidentiality and security of Personal Data will be safeguarded, the company having adopted the legally required security measures, those measures giving a reasonable assurance that the personal data of Users will be protected and not be lost, improperly used, altered or processed, and that unauthorised access to them will not arise.
This website may contain links or references to other websites that are not under our control and thus to which this data protection policy is not applicable. You are advised to read the relevant notices in each website you visit. You alone will be responsible for your connecting to such other websites.

4.-intellectual and industrial property. Prohibition of hyperlinks

The website in its entirety – text, images, marks, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, combinations of colours, and the structure, selection, ordering and presentation of its content – is protected by the legislation on intellectual and industrial property, it being forbidden to reproduce, distribute, publicly disseminate or transform it, except for personal private use.
It is also forbidden to reproduce, relay, copy, assign or broadcast, in whole or in part, the information contained in this website, for whatever purpose and by whatever means.
In accepting these terms, Users adding reviews or comments to the PORTAL accept granting to García Carrión the right, as a right that is non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and fully assignable to third parties, to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, use for creating derivative products, distribute and exhibit those reviews and comments anywhere in the world and through any means of communication. Those Users shall also grant García Carrión the right to use any name accompanying such reviews or comments, if there is one, in connection with said reviews or comments.
No link to the Portal may be added in any other website without the prior express consent of García Carrión.

5.-García Carrión Responsibility

García Carrión SA, only respond for the damages that the User may suffer as a result of the use of the Website where such damage is attributable to willful misconduct of the same. You acknowledge and agree that your use of the Portal, and the purchase of products is at your sole risk and responsibility.

García Carrión not responsible for any damages that may result from, purely illustrative and not restrictive.

-Inferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, faults and / or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system or appliances and computers of the users, due to causes unrelated to García Carrión, prevent or delay the realization of orders or browsing the portal;

-Delays or blockages in the use caused by deficiencies or overloading of the Internet or other electronic systems;

"That may be caused by third parties through illegal beyond the control of the Site and not attributable to Garcia Carrion

"The differences of the information, documentation or other contents of the Portal that may exist between the electronic version and the printed version

"From the impossibility of providing the service or allow access for reasons not attributable to García Carrión, due to User, to third parties, or cases of force majeure.

García Carrión not control, generally, the use of the Service Users.
In particular García Carrión under no circumstance does not guarantee that users use the Service in accordance with the law, the General Conditions, morality and generally accepted principles of morality and public order, nor do so in a diligent and prudent.

6.-User's obligations

The can be visited by any USER at will and at no charge, provided that it is accessed solely for his or her personal use. However, for the purpose of rendering certain services through the website, USERS will be required to fill in a form to give the data and information requested in the forms, and if a USER does not fill in all the fields that are marked with an asterisk to show their compulsory nature, García Carrión reserves the right not to render the service concerned. The USER guarantees the authenticity of the data he or she provides, and he or she shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements. Any Personal Data provided by USERS will in all cases be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data, and so our Data-Protection Policy should be consulted beforehand in this respect.
Technical requirements for access:
To access the Portal, USERS must have access to the Internet, pay the pertinent access and connection fees, and have all the computer systems and equipment required for connecting to the Internet, including a terminal that is suitable for the purpose (a PC or compatible computer, a telephone etc.) and a modem or other such access device. Accessing and using certain contents and services in the Portal properly entails downloading certain computer programs or other logic elements into the USERS’ computer systems; such installation is the responsibility of the USER, García Carrión declining all liability for any consequences resulting from this. In this context, the USER will need to have a bandwidth of at least 256 Kb/s available for accessing certain multimedia content, García Carrión declining any responsibility for poor running of the multimedia content due to fluctuations in the bandwidth of the USER’s Internet connection.

The duty to make proper use of the Portal, the Services and the Contents:

a) The USER
The USER undertakes to use the Portal, the Services and the Content in accordance with the law, moral standards, general standards of behaviour, public order, and these General Terms. He or she undertakes to use the Portal, the Services and the Content in a diligent, proper and lawful manner, and particular undertakes to refrain from:
Reproducing or copying, distributing, permitting public access through any form of public communication, transforming or modifying the Content, unless authorisation has been issued by the holder of the pertinent rights or unless such acts are legally permissible.

Removing, evading or tampering with the "copyright" and other data identifying the rights of the owners of content incorporated in the Content, this applying also to the technical protection systems and any other information mechanisms that may be contained in the Content.

Using the forums made available by García Carrión for posting messages that bear no direct relation to the topics of the forum, and in particular posting content that is illegal, illicit, slanderous or liable in any way to run counter to the rights of third parties or to damage computer systems. García Carrión reserves the right to remove any message it deems inappropriate.

If Users are given passwords by García Carrión for the purpose of accessing certain parts or services of the website, they shall undertake to keep custody of them diligently, to keep them secret, and to accept responsibility for any economic consequences or damages resulting from failing to show due diligence in their custody.

b) The Portal: García Carrión has no control over, and does not guarantee the absence of, viruses and other elements in the Content that may give rise to incidents with the User’s computer system (software and hardware) or with the electronic documents and files stored in it.

Denial and withdrawal of access to the Portal and/or Services:
García Carrión reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the Portal and/or the Services, at any time and without having to serve prior notice, to USERS who fail to adhere to these General Terms.
The use of the Services offered in the Portal of García Carrión in accordance with the Unsolicited Advertising Policy governed by Spain’s Act on Information-Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE in its Spanish initials):
The policy of García Carrión with respect to e-mail is grounded on sending out only communications you have requested. In cases of advertising mailings arranged by García Carrión for USERS, the messages will be marked “advertising” to avoid confusion. If you do not wish to receive these messages by e-mail, you will always be offered a simple, straightforward way to state that.
THE USER and García Carrión undertake to use the Services in accordance with the Unsolicited Advertising Policy, and in particular, they undertake:
- To refrain from sending chains of unsolicited electronic messages.
Persons who suffer the dispatch of unsolicited advertising messages addressed to a number of people can notify García Carrión of this by sending a message to the e-mail account:

For the purposes of this Legal Notice, and for whatever communication that is necessary between García Carrión and the users, they should contact to:
J García Carrión, SA
Customer Service Department
Carretera de Murcia s / n
30520 Jumilla (Murcia).

García Carrión communications to the User will be conducted upon the contact information provided by him when registering on the site.